Jul 5, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Why is Aerodynamics important in Car Tuning? Guide to Aerodynamics

Today in the automobile engineering, the concept of car’s aerodynamics has become an integral part to work and improve it further so that the efficiency of the car gets even better. Aerodynamics is indeed very important for the overall performance of a car and its handling on the road. Enthusiasts have burnt their midnight oil to improve the exteriors of the cars with their innovative ideas and engineering skills. The car tuning specialists and hobbyists lay special importance on the aerodynamics of the car when you will go for a modification. Many sports car racers go for aerodynamics tuning just not to get their personalized look for their machine but also to improve its overall performance.

lb aerodynamics Why is Aerodynamics important in Car Tuning? Guide to Aerodynamics

Highly sophisticated yet improved aerodynamics of a car helps it get more grip on the road while traversing at very high velocity. It reduces its overall energy consumption even when cornering thus making it more fuel-efficient. This is all achieved by the use of non-air resistive body and a lightweight casing on the car. We hear a lot about fatal accidents of highly speeding cars, one reason behind this is that these cars are not aerodynamically aligned. At very high speeds the cars that are poorly aligned aerodynamically tend to lose traction on the wheels thus making it difficult for the driver to control the car. Secondly, a lot of power needs to be generated to keep the car at the same speed as the thrust of the head on wind makes it slow.

The concept of aerodynamics was not as important to automobile engineers when the first cars like the Ford Model T was brought into market during the early 1900’s. At that time, the maximum speed a car would achieve was about only 30mph. However, with the passage of time, the automobile industry progressed too with the newer car models getting a more compact and powerful engine that could generate much more power and propel the car at maniacal speeds. Safety measures too became stringent and driving a more comfortable experience. It was all done to cater to the growing demands of the buyers and car lovers.

Automobile engineering is a complete science and it’s not a child’s play. It is a mix of everything; looks, appeal, mileage, safety and comfort. All the features have to be balanced to bring out an efficient product. To balance the aerodynamic inconsistencies in the design of the cars many alternative features have been used. One bright example is the use of inverted wings in the design of the car not only makes it look cool but also increases its stability at higher speeds by generating a lot of down-force. Other elements like spoilers, side skirts, diffusers, canards, side ducts, splitters and air dams are all used in the design of the car to enhance the performance of the car. The new models of the car in the market already come equipped with all these features so one does not need to get them installed aftermarket.

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