Jul 4, 2009
Bruno Silva
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What is Induction Kit? Clean the Air Passing into the Engine

An Induction kit is used to clean the air passing into the engine of a turbo charged car. It protects the engine from the floating dust and debris that might get a way into the engine and choke it. It is just a filter for the engine. If there is no induction kit then a compressor is attached to the stock air box to maintain a restricted airflow into the engine of a turbocharged car. The best induction kit must be able to filter all the dust and debris particles that might get into the engine as well as it should maintain a proper airflow rate. This is a major problem with all the kits as both the properties are not achieved simultaneously.

The main intention to install an induction kit when getting your car modified is to increase its power but then you have to carefully integrate the induction kit design with the internal piping system of the car. If all this is achieved nicely and perfectly then the power of your car will get a boost and the car will respond faster on the road. But if this is not done properly it will also lead to serious disastrous results like poor driving experience, higher rate of intake heat to complete engine damage.

induction kit What is Induction Kit? Clean the Air Passing into the Engine

Thus it is advised that if your turbo charged car is not performing well with a recently installed induction kit then its better to revert back to old ways of stock air box. The ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is the main instrument that drives an induction kit, which comes installed with a turbo charger system. The experts say that it is better to stay on with the standard induction kit that comes along with the turbo charger system. While choosing the piping system of the new induction kit like the air scoop of the system needs to be raised so that during the rainy season it does not suck in the mud. For piping system to make the induction system work one must also configure the ECU again.

Some of the most known brands in the market manufacturing the induction kit for the turbo charged cars are like HKS, Apexi, Blitz, and K&N. Almost all the brands cost nearly £200. With a wet foam filter having multi layered polyurethane, the  HKS design (HKS Mega Flow) uses a special type of oil to prevent the dust particles from entering the engine. In UK the HKS is considered the best brand. In the Blitz design (Blitz Sus) there is no oil used and it has a metallic filter so the maintenance cost is absolutely zero. With a dry mesh filter using a dual funnel the Apexi model (Apexi Power Intake) is the third most preferred brand in UK after HKS and Blitz. It also has no maintenance cost. The filter of the K&N is made up of cotton layered between the aluminum screen wires saturated with the oil to trap the dirt.

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