Jul 1, 2009
Bruno Silva

What is Car Tuning? Car Tuning Guide

If thoughts like modification of your car or performance improvement of your car so that your car complements your personality are on your mind then what you are thinking of is called Car Tuning. In simple terms car tuning means addition of some aftermarket parts to enhance the performance and looks of the car as per the wish of the owner.

Car tuning has long been associated with motor sport racing where the highly modified cars compete with each other in an environment of speed demons. However, these days people related to automobile industry, car owners and other car enthusiasts have become very fond of car tuning.

Car Tuning What is Car Tuning? Car Tuning Guide

Hot looks, attractive features, luxurious interiors, performance enhancement or to save cost of fuels are some of the very common reasons for which the owners take their cars to the car tuning shops.

Engine tuning is perhaps the most commonly pursued modification. It helps enhance the efficiency of the engine thus more mileage and speed. The engine tuning can involve installation of cold air intakes, turbochargers, exhaust systems or alteration in the timing of the air fuel ratio to enhance the power delivered by the engine of the car.

The outer look of the car too matters a lot these days so many car owners want to modify the spoilers and car body kit to change its appearance to their taste. Body tuning can offer some help in improving the aerodynamics of the existing car that will ultimately boil down as improved car performance.

When the modification is extended to the factory installed kits and other equipments of the car’s interior then it is called Interior Modification. In this, the car tuning is done via addition of preferred style of seat covers like leather seats or addition of some high quality digital audio devices.

Going for exterior modification is a totally personal choice of the owner of the car which may involve addition of alloy wheels, bulky body kits and some other designer parts to give the car a better look. However, sometimes the performance of the car seriously gets affected by these heavy parts.

Car Tuning basic aim is to enhance the performance of the car and driving experience. Each and every modification should be made very carefully and it is better advised to seek some expert help. Do some in depth research before investing heavily in the car tuning.

Even if you are going to tune your car yourself, the tips and wise advises of the tuning experts and car hobbyists will help you a lot in making your car a better machine to drive. It would be wonderful if you compare the prices of various car accessories on the internet and finally zero down on a design that suits your car the best.

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