Jul 15, 2009
Bruno Silva
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What are the Benefits of Exhaust Wraps?

It is not a fact hidden from the car tuning experts that hot air has lower oxygen carrying potential then the colder air. It influences the performance of your car engine highly. With most of the cars having the air intake point around the engine bay so it becomes inevitable for the car owners to keep the temperatures as low as possible.

Manifold headers as well as exhaust in the engine bay are the largest contributors to the extra heat generated in the engine. Exhaust wrap functions as an insulator, which keeps the heat levels at minimum by wrapping on the exhaust.

exhaust wrap1 What are the Benefits of Exhaust Wraps?

There is a possibility that the exhaust wrap might decrease the life of the headers. Still this kind of deterioration is almost negligible as it might reduce the life by an year but there can be situations where your exhaust header might already be highly rusted. High temperature around these soft spots with exhaust wrap around them will only give air to the rumors that exhaust is the wraps are the main reasons behind the deterioration.

There is this one main point, which cannot be neglected; exhaust wrap made up of just any material is not usable. By using an exhaust wrap made up of wrong material you run the risk of an engine fire in your turbo charged petrol engine. Make it a point to use non-inflammable exhaust wraps. The exhaust wraps that give optimum performance are non-inflammable and are rated by the manufacturer itself to be operational above the engine temperatures.

Before applying the exhaust wrap, you need to make sure that the area is devoid of any dust, oil, rust and it is thoroughly clean. Some people even apply a heat proofing paint before applying the wrap, similar to the one used on grills. The exhaust wrap has to be tightly fixed and make double thickness by covering each and every part of the exhaust’s previous wind with another successive winding.

To make sure that the exhaust wrap is firmly wrapped in its place, a metal clip has to be attached to the end. As a precautionary measure, it is also advised to go for an extra clip to provide additional security along each branch. As you, never want the wrap to unwind and get mixed up badly with your pulleys and belts.

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