Jul 1, 2009
Bruno Silva
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What are Superchargers? Know About Superchargers

Are you interested in running your car to achieve greater speeds on the road and deliver more power while running then you must consider installing a supercharger. A supercharger is known more commonly by the name of Blower.

A supercharger works by increasing the power the power delivered by the internal combustion engine of the car. It is an aftermarket car modification device. The supercharger pumps more oxygen into the internal combustion engine, which allows it to burn the fuel more efficiently and thus deliver more power.

Those car owners who interested in increasing the speed of their vehicle install Superchargers. The supercharger increase the horsepower of the internal combustion engine and thus the speed of the car by increasing the amount of the fuel burned in every combustion cycle. It achieves this by increasing the amount of oxygen entering the combustion engine.

Supercharger A What are Superchargers? Know About Superchargers


How Superchargers Work

In theory, the faster cars will need a larger engine so that they are able to store more fuel for combustion and generate more power. Still, the larger engines are known to be heavy and bulky. So an alternate method to leverage the need of heavy engine is to increase the oxygen-fuel ratio. This is done by installing superchargers, which increase the speed of the car thus doing away the need for bigger engines. They just improve the combustion efficiency of the engine by increasing the oxygen uptake of the combustion engine so that more fuel is burned every combustion cycle.

Should you supercharge your car?

On one hand, the superchargers do increase the power of the engine but on the other hand, they can seriously damage the engine. Since a supercharger uses the majority of the output of the car engine so the car manufacturers advocate the use of high-octane premium grade gas for all cars with supercharged engine. Another thing is that the superchargers are very costly.

Still there are more advantages then the disadvantages like the supercharged engines definitely generate exceedingly more power than any non-supercharged engine apart from the fact that the superchargers consume a significant chunk of the power generated by the engine.

Sometimes the results have shown that the superchargers can double the power of the car thus, subsiding the need of heavier and bulkier engine. The superchargers are a cost-effective way of increasing the power of your car.

One ought to take in consideration various issues related to supercharging their car before heading straight for modification. The manufacturers rating of the car’s engine to install a supercharger is important and one must seek expert advice before supercharging their car as a suitable supercharger will cut the hassles involved in the process.

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