Jul 15, 2009
Bruno Silva
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What Are Roll Cages?

Roll cages not only help in improving the handling quotient of the car but even are required as a safety instrument on most circuits. The requirement of a car having opening doors in accordance with the basic structure of the car reduces the rigidity of the body to abrasion. Moreover, the weight reduction will leave you with a flexing shell that will roll every single time you move towards the corner.

Roll cage is something that is welded inside the cabin of the car to provide rigidity at higher speeds and improve body roll reduction values along all the axes of the car.

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With 4 or 6 point roll cages are being welded into the cars chassis to improve roll reduction. With metal tubes of the roll cage fitted inside your car, the space will be highly compromised.

You have to bear with the impacts of this problem. The best solution to reduce the nasty impacts is to wrap some cushions around the metal tubes of the roll cage frame close to your seating position. With roll cage, the rear passenger space is highly compromised but it will be better if you have decided not to have rear passenger seats.

One more point of care is that roll cages prevent the access to your car if the other members are trying to go past across the doorways.To fit a roll cage to perfection you need to strip it out completely and not try to weld by cutting around the carpets or by trimming the plastic.

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