Jul 4, 2009
Bruno Silva
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What are Performance Air Filters? Increase Horsepower and Acceleration of Your Car

The performance air filters available in the market these days provide a protection cover to the engines and thus enhance its performance. With a superior pleat design in place, the highly efficient filter media along with the plasticol seals make the performance air filters an environmentally friendly equipment to install in a car. Apart from the regular attributes, some other performance air filters are even helpful in increasing the horsepower of the car thus leading to faster acceleration as well as have a stronger and safer seal.

Cabin air filters and Combustion air filters are the two most common types of filters that are used in cars.

Performance Air Filter What are Performance Air Filters? Increase Horsepower and Acceleration of Your Car

With their own unique shape designed to adjust perfectly into the available space in the passenger compartment, the cabin air filters are mostly fit in places to ease the outside air intake of the vehicle. It has been generally observed that if this air filter is left clogged and unattended, it can lead to the intrusion of the allergens into the cabin environment apart from reduction in airflow.

The function of the combustion air filter is to block the entry of the coarse and more bigger particulate matter into the engine cylinders. This is rectangular air filter prevents mechanical deterioration as well as oil contamination in the engine.

The material used in making a performance air filter includes the foam, paper, oil bath and cotton. Since these elements are easy to install, highly cost effective and very efficient in air cleaning so they are the most common choice for a pleated air filter.

The cone filters that are designed with three inlets are one of the most common examples of the performance air filters. The cone filters can be used in almost all the vehicle designs with a very wide variety of applications. One of the several other air filter elements is 4.25 inlets. Its inner and outer screens are completely chrome plated steel material. The pipe clamps, fastener and even the base structure are made of steel. Reticulated Polyurethane is the only foam material used in resisting the harmful chemicals as well as the water to enter the engine. Although its flow rate is high but its resistance is low.

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