Jul 2, 2009
Bruno Silva

What are Exhaust Systems? Car Exhaust System

The system that helps eject out the residual particles and the burnt gases from the internal combustion engine of the car through a network of exhaust pipes is called Exhaust system. The chief usability of the whole system is in reduction of the pollutant content of the exhaust gases generated in the combustion engine. The leftover exhaust gas is vented out from an opening in the vehicle at some suitable point. During the whole discharge process, the engine power has to be as low as possible.

Talking about a conventional exhaust system of a car, it has three major parts: Catalytic converter, mufflers and the exhaust pipes.

exhaust What are Exhaust Systems? Car Exhaust System

A catalytic converter is used for reducing air pollution in the exhaust gas. It is used to clean the exhaust gases in the diesel engines and spark ignition engines. The position of the catalytic converter is very close to the engine in the car design so that it is able to achieve its load temperature rather quickly and help in smooth driving. Its function is supplementary to the function of the front mufflers.

Depending upon the size of the vehicle and its engine one to several mufflers can be used in a car. The two cylinder banks run individually in V-engines. Each engine has its own catalytic converter of muffler, which are brought together in one large muffler at the end of the car.

Exhaust pipes are the last components of the exhaust system. The exhaust pipes serve as the connection between the cylinder head, catalytic converter and mufflers so that the exhaust gas is let out of the engine. The cross sectional area of the pipes along with the type of junction they have are one of the major factors influencing the performance of the vehicle. The acoustic behavior of the car also depends upon the length of the exhaust pipes. Cars that have a large swept volume come equipped with a parallel exhaustion pipes system. Flanges are the ones that connect the main body of the exhaustion system to the pipes, muffler and catalytic converter.

Flexible suspension parts connect the underbody of the car to the complete exhaust system. The points where the suspension parts have to be installed are chosen very carefully so that the vibration and the noise generated is not transferred on to the body of the car thus causing irritation. The noise of the exhaust system at the tailpipe of the car might also lead to vibration in the body framework.

The assembly that is put in place to collect the exhaust gas coming in from various exhaust pipes, starting from different combustion engines and channeled into a single pipe is called manifold. The part of the exhaust system that starts from outlet of the header to the final opening into the outside environment is called the Header Back.

The portion of outlet of a turbocharger to the final opening into the air is referred to as the Turbo Back. The Cat Back is that part of the exhaust system which starts from the opening of the catalytic converter till its final opening in the air and the last part is the Tip.

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