Nov 4, 2009
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VW Lupo Tuning

Volkswagen is a great car maker company that has brought several masterpieces at different times. VW Lupo is a small wonderful city car with tons of features. VW Volkswagen continued production of Lupo for span of many years between 1998-2005. Before the launch of VW Fox, VW Lupo led the roads for various reasons. As one of the top four leading car makers Volkswagen is one company that leads improvements and researches with the different models of cars according to need. Though, VW Lupo was a leader but it was swapped by VW fox later on.

With the best part of car design formed, it was always bent into a little larger and bulky design.  But later VW determined to stand in between by making smaller and lighter design, and it resulted in the form of VW Lupo in the 1998. This version of VW has become a true successor of VW Golf Mk1.And in that period it was directly competed by the brands of different companies like Opel’s, Fiat’s and Fords. And when VW Lupo was replaced by VW Fox, its production has been stopped in 2005.

VW Lupo VW Lupo Tuning

Due to its some special features this car had achieved several awards in that time for the micro car in 2001, best small car in 1999 & best fuel economy award in 1999. All of these great honors were awarded to this car. That means it was really a great car of its time and still you can find many VW Lupo lovers. Basically it was a 3L car. That means drinking 3 liters of fuel at 100 km. But later some more prototype models were also developed through further modifications and upgrades. Some of the most common ones are: VW Lupo 1.4 TDI 75 BHP, VW Lupo 1.7 SDI 60 BHP, VW Lupo 3L TDI 61 BHP and VW Lupo 3L TDI 61 BHP.

VW Lupo1 VW Lupo Tuning

When it comes to the body parts light weight aluminum & magnesium alloys were used in making doors, rear-hatch, bonnet, wheels, suspension system, engine block etc to gain a total weight of only 830 kg. It was Tiptronic gearbox and auto start/stop system was fitted in the engines. Battery was attached at lower center for better weight distribution. In the later time 1L concept also came into existence that means 1 Litter fuel consumption for 100 Km.  So we can note that there were many models which were nothing but upgrades with a few changes made in the original Lupo. For example, as part of upgrade 3-cylinder engine was powered by diesel with direct fuel injection and turbo chargers.

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