Nov 4, 2009
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Toyota Corolla Tuning

The Toyota Corolla is a car that has set standards for safety and driving pleasure in the car market for quite some time now. As compared to other cars’ sale, it is perhaps amongst those cars that have sold so many units in a given period. The Toyota Corolla can be named as one of the most consistent, efficient and cheap cars in the market for various reasons. Consistent, because it has been in demand for such a long time; efficient, because it can be run usually with no need for alteration in the existing model; and economical, since it can be purchased for a fairly low-priced as compared to other cars in this segment.

No matter, how reliable and efficient this car may be but still there are several factors that may prompt you for tuning up this car. For improved performance and better looks Toyota Corolla is something that you may certainly want to go with. Tuning may involve a little adjustment in the engine and body for improved performance and better look. While not absolutely needed, your Toyota Corolla might run at better speed if you correctly go through Toyota Corolla tuning. However, while tuning everybody interested should be warned as this is already a much better car as compared to other cars in this category.

Toyota Corolla Toyota Corolla Tuning

Though, there are many models of Toyota Corolla, but generally 1.3 and 1.6l engines are mostly used within the Toyota Corollas. Unluckily, 1.3 engines are not upgradeable, being in the Toyota Corollas, previously produced by Toyota. However, when it comes to 1.6l engine, it can be upgraded by means of a 6 speed gear box and a few other alterations in some other parts. A small tuning and a few alterations will surely boost up your engine speed and efficiency to as much as 40%. But, you will have to make certain that it should be upgraded by an expert with technical knowledge in the car tuning. Otherwise that can be a little bit of challenge for beginners than an opportunity.

One more thing you might wish to do for your Corolla to build it more efficient is to change its tires. While running on the road with different driving conditions these are tires that determine the overall running power and fuel efficiency. Though, most industrialized tires are good and high-quality, but after some time their performance may decrease when wear down so you need to be very careful. The time when it happens is the right time you should buy modified tires. You can easily buy different types of tires for better performance from almost everywhere. Not just at specialized tire stores but they are available even at common car shops. There is no need to swing over the brake issue; as it is no issue with Toyota corolla. But if you love to ride at top speed and really wish your brakes should respond to your command then adding sports brake pads can be a value addition.

Toyota Crolla1 Toyota Corolla Tuning

In the matter of ECU re-mapping, you must be fully assured of whether or not you want to do this. This isn’t always the best choice, but if you want to see an overpowering BHP boost up in your Corolla then go ahead.

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