Nov 4, 2009
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Toyota Celica Tuning

It is one of the legend Toyota model series of cars, which spans 8 generations in continuation since its inception. After Toyota stopped manufacturing of Supra, it started producing the next generation 4 seater cars called Celica.  Apart from other striking features, some of the major ones are pop up headlights and engine choices from 1.6 4AFE to 2.2 5SFE. So you can choose the one that best suits your requirements. This model make you feel like ride and glide with the smooth line of vehicles from Toyota.

The Toyota Celica has triumphed motor sports fans with its many wins in various national as well as international sports events. The Toyota Celica had continuously won the World Rally Championship in the period of 1982 to 1986, so it has set its own standards in the marketplace. In addition to that there was one more win in Safari Rally in 1995. There were more successful trips in the Celebrity Race/Toyota Pro, DRM, Japanese Grand Touring Championship, Goody’s Dash Series, NHRA Sport Compact Drag Racing and stock car racing.

Toyota Celica Toyota Celica Tuning

Energetic suspension and upgraded wheels and tires might give the stylish look of any Toyota Celica exchangeable. Visualize cruising in conjunction with those outstanding wheels that turns around in the reverse direction as you drive and continues to do so as you stop at a junction. Experience like a celebrity with the 3S-GTE with its air-to-air intercooler and double entry turbo that removes disturbance with exhaust gas. The GT-Four can suggest driver’s ceramic turbine and better ignition advance with power of 225 PS and torque of 304Nm.

To gain better control over the car, Celica owners can go for Anti-lock brakes. Go for more enhancements in your car’s looks with a leather interiors, sunroof & premium sound system for that type of sports car look and feel. Anyone will certainly be overwhelmed with such lavishness’s that many will not find in other similar cars.

Engine tuning is another alternative, car fans can perform with their Toyota Celica. Get a hood made of aluminum for lighter weight, better turbo charger, super strut suspension and anti-lock brakes with four channels. Outline the Celica like a race car with water spray bar for intercooler in the front, spoiler on top of the risers and anti-lag system. Boost your car’s power with the changeable Valve Timing with Lift and Intelligence as well and see other people look intently as you speed away your car.

As a part of continuous innovation, in year 2000 Toyota felt the need to upgrade its Celica, therefore 7th generation model was introduced in the market with catchy triangular headlights and improved engine capacity and performance.  As far as tuning of Toyota Celica is concerned there seems to be no space left for tuning as there is no shortage of parts especially in the 5thand 6th generations Celica cars. However, engine swapping is more common amongst the owners looking to obtain 2.0 turbo engines. Some car tuning experts are also of the opinion to upgrade suspension for better handling and riding comfort.

Toyota Celica 1 Toyota Celica Tuning

The Japanese models like SS-I & SS-II carry their trim levels. The SS-I is motorized by 1ZZFED engine, while SS-II comes with 2ZZ-GE engine. The SS-II can be equipped with Super strut package including super strut suspension, rear strut bar, 16 inch alloys, metal pedals, & colored rocker panels. The SS-II has climate control AC along with digital display. Besides this many other options are available to give it more sporty look with front lip spoiler and headlight covers, or the mechanical sports version with fully body kits. To there is much more for every car tuning pro to play with Toyota Celica.

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