Nov 4, 2009
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Toyota Avensis Tuning

Through the launch of Toyota Avensis into the international market in the 1998, Toyota Avensis has become a new milestone for the continuous reputation of Toyota family series cars. Needless to say over the years it has turned into one of the major sellers in the sedan or family car markets. Not only has this but its ultimate features along with looks punched a sense of balance in the middle level segment of style and substance without compromising with each other.

When it comes to Toyota Avensis tuning there are enough possibilities available. For example, depending upon your choice it can be well tuned like a sedan or a family car. One of the good points is Toyota Avensis seems very light in comparison to its body weight and performance. And it doesn’t set off without substance too with its unmatched power, style and comfort. In fact it is one of Toyota’s better models in terms of style, performance and speed which other similar cars can’t even come closer.

Toyota Avensis Toyota Avensis Tuning

As there are many models of Toyota Avensis so it’s not possible to discuss tuning information for all of them here. Let’s see Toyota Avensis Verso 2.0 D-4D here that runs of 116 BHP. After tuning it can be run at 140 BHP with much better fuel efficiency and better cornering and turning. After safe and reliable trimming and tuning it becomes a much better car. And, because the original system is not altered so there is no replacement of chips or changes in the vehicle’s electronic program. After initial tuning what we found were: plug & drive – original connectors, no loose wires, lower fuel consumption – increased MPG, faster overtaking and much more.

Similarly, let’s discuss second generation car from Toyota Avensis with 6 speed manual gearbox engine that runs at 124 BHP. One of the best features of Toyota Avensis is that at one hand it is a power packed car with great performance, while at other it has low fuel consumption with fairly less carbon emissions. With superb performance and reliable technology behind the making of Toyota Avensis tuning it up might be something that would make you sweat. However, with a little experimentation your Toyota Avensis can be converted from a normal to an exceptional, outperforming car. And wouldn’t it be appealing to have it run 20 to 40% faster and be visible a lot silky? A good Toyota Avensis tuning shall do these and much more. All you need to have is to use your imaginations and nature full of experimentation to play with the technology and style.

Toyota Avensis1 Toyota Avensis Tuning

Almost all Toyota Avensis models utilize 1.6 to 2.0 engines. The feature of being a variety in turbo engine, certainly, carries out it faster than the other engines. To enhance the performance of your Avensis, you can apply conventional superchargers or ECU Chips. Tuning will solve out all the pre-existing bottlenecks, like it will not only boot the speed but also the irritating noises coming out from engine. Searching for the accurate one, however, may be little of a difficult task. Therefore, you must search for the safest but most suitable deal there in. believe it or not, such deal may not be a tough task, if you follow closely the best instructions and procedure.

In addition to that altering the tires and modifying the body kit may do a lot more than pimp your Avensis. The tires, once damaged, will lessen your car’s effectiveness and performance. So carefully modified wheel will do the trap. Repairing your car’s body will further make it a lot lighter, if you swap the body with a lightweight body. Similarly you can do other experiments with this wonderful and adorable machine.

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