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Nov 4, 2009
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VW Golf Tuning

VW Golf is a family car that has been in production since 1974. Needless to say VW Golf is one of the most successful cars from Volkswagen. It was marketed across the world under different names and configuration especially as the VW Rabbit in USA and Canada & VW Caribe in Mexico. In true words it has been a successful successor of VW Beetle. It was considered world’s third best selling model. Its variant was mostly in 3 door hatchback as well as 5 door hatchback design.

This car was launched in Europe in 1983 & it was the first GTI model of its own generation. It was manufactured in a very little quantity initially but within a period of six months its demand was grown exponentially. It is very dynamic & faster car of its generation because engine pulls well with relatively small body weight. It is brand new model to rejoice after adding height performance Pirelli tires. The tires are fitted over 18” titanium rims. As well as interior is given a slightly customized look through leather sporting seat.

VW Golf VW Golf Tuning

The engine power is resolved into a 230 hp, over old & original 112hp. Moreover, its 2000 VAG 1.8T engine is a treat for every tuning enthusiast as it can be fairly easily tweaked to push out as much as 300 BHP without any need for internal up-gradation and or strengthening. This power lets achieve the 245kmph & accelerate 100 km/ph in just 6.8 seconds. But if DTS clutch is used with this then it would take only 6.6 seconds. The target of making this GTI Pirelli model is to provide power with control in a single unit with– firm chassis, fast brakes, ESP-which is proved. When it comes to tuning the main part of all this is tire alteration. In this model newest P-zero high performance tires are used. These characteristic are helpful in handling, braking, comfort & evading aquaplaning.

Its tires are on the alloy rim & which is 6*14”. Its shell is titanium painted with five spoke which reminds the original design. A famous letter “P” is also written over this. The bumpers are entirely painted while side sills are in car’s paint. The original GTI had black sills, front spoiler & bottom part of its rear bumper. The color Sunflower (bright yellow) was particularly given to this model. So if you observe something bright yellow in your back mirror and its coming up fast, than it must be only one car – the new VW Golf GTI Pirelli.

VW Golf 1 VW Golf Tuning

A look into the interior will take your breath away. Its sporting seat perfectly matches with the Pirelli style. Surface side of the seats and its back part, head restraints and also armrests are enclosed with quality leather and stitched with yellow stitch. However, a bit of fragility can be seen on the middle part of the seats.

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