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Jul 24, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Auto Tuning in Pieces – Major Areas of Auto Tuning

In developed countries like United States, people do like to be called auto-tuning experts and it is one of the most common hobbies to experiment with your car. There are thousands of people who like to call themselves auto-tuning experts. With different types of auto tuning pieces involved in the tuning process, there are many facets to the complete process. Some of the major focus areas of auto tuning are:

Engine Tuning

The parts involved in tuning of the engine are expected to improve the performance of the engine with higher attainable speeds and smooth transmission. When tuning the engine the major changes are done, include adjustment in the air/fuel ratios, installation of better fuel injectors and intake valves with lower restriction values. Another major boost given to engine includes installation of Nitrous Oxide so as to enrich the fuel mixture which when burnt will generate more energy and hence more power.

Engine Tuning Auto Tuning in Pieces   Major Areas of Auto Tuning

Suspension Tuning

The suspension tuning is done to improve the ride of the car on road. Basically, modifications in the shock-absorbers and springs suspension system of the car are the major changes. Some enthusiasts go for modification in strut bars and sway bars too.

Body Tuning

As the word makes it clear, body tuning involves modification in the car’s body. It is done to make the car’s appearance more appealing by adding spoilers and other accessories. Some of the tuning experts prefer removing existing body parts like handles, bumps and some other protruding parts to give the aerodynamic ratings of the car a boost.

Modifications (the body and the inside)

Auto tuning not only includes the interior modifications and the playing with the engine but it also spans across modifying the exterior look of the car. It includes using stickers, paints, neon lights, new wheels and tires as well as attractive and fancy headlights on the outside of the car. Spinners is one of the most widely used auto tuning parts for the exterior modification and is almost found in every car tuning expert’s workshop. Some of the accessories used in the interior modification of the car include radio systems, classy speaker systems, leather seats, steering wheel modification by using a more attractive one in place of the stock steering wheel and dashboard modification. LCD screens with DVD players too have become quite a common choice. Auto tuning is a fun process to go through but only thing imperative is that you ought to have or choose the right parts.