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Jul 2, 2009
Bruno Silva
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What are Torsion Bars?

Torsion bars are the springs that make up the suspension system of a vehicle. These are also called as torsion spring suspension or torsion beam suspension. The torsion bar spring has the property to revert back to its original shape and position when it is distorted by any kind of pressure. At its one end the torsion bar is fixed to the vehicle chassis and on its opposite end, the long torsion bar is fixed to the axle of the suspension arm. The torsion resistance of the bar neutralizes the vertical motions caused due to the movement of the wheels. The spring action is provided by the lengthwise twisting of the torsion bar due to the flexibility of the tube or steel bar. The diameter, length and the material of the torsion bar determine the spring rate.

Image17 1024x768 What are Torsion Bars?

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