Jul 14, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Street Racing Cars – How to Have Your Own Street Racing Car

A car modified by its owner to attain the maximum possible speed is called a Street Racing car. It is fast becoming illegal to own a street-racing car as street racers have caused hundreds of fatal accidents where many have lost their lives too. So, the government in many states is formulating laws to put a ban on street racing. The laws of road safety and speed limits are all on stake with street racing around so the authorities are becoming strict. Street Racing began around in 1930s but it became popular only after the World War II and has remained so till now.

Street Racing Car Street Racing Cars   How to Have Your Own Street Racing Car

The normal cars are modified in a manner so that the air and fuel mixture is maximized inside the engine for a highly optimized performance. Many street racing cars come equipped with lights as well as nitro booster systems that supply another 20-70 horsepower on the road so that the driver can decide how much boost do they want.

There are two kinds of street racing cars, one is a normal car look-alike, which does not look much modified and seems like Asleep so it is called sleeper. But it is completely different story inside the hood where it is highly modified to generate more horsepower. Another type of Street racing car is made up of hot-rods and are painted very flagrantly. They are highly modified both above and under the hood.

Street racing culture is found in every country around the globe and so are the street racers. Street Racing is a highly risky game as the highly modified power generating cars can turn into a wreckage of steel and iron in seconds and the street cars tend to lose control very easily at high speeds.

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