Sep 13, 2009
Bruno Silva
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How to Reduce Gas Consumption Rate

With increased operating costs and especially fuel costs it’s very essential to implement ways of minimizing the amount of gas consumed daily. It is very advisable to follow the operator’s manual for your machine to efficiently serve a wide range of purposes and follow maintenance schedules. To reduce high gas consumption you should learn to drive efficiently. This is because very aggressive driving and acceleration has been known to waste a lot of gas. By observing this, it’s possible to lower your mileage by approximately thirty three percent if driving in a highway. Efficient driving is not only safer for you but for other road users as well.

Observation of speed limits in all types of cars is very important since this impacts the gas mileage to rapidly reduce. This commonly happens when driving above 60 mph so the optimal fuel economy should be maintained at average to reduce excess gas utilization. Having very heavy weights in your car highly reduces your MPG up to approximately two percent. This however depends on your car’s weight relative to the weight of the item you are carrying.

Gas Consumption How to Reduce Gas Consumption Rate

Idling is very risky if trying to reduce gas use especially for vehicles with large engines which are known to waste a lot of gas compared to those with small engines. Employing the cruise control when driving at highways greatly assists in maintaining constant speed hence saving gas. It’s also advisable to employ overdrive gears which are known to put the engine down, thus reducing its wear and limiting gas utilization.

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