Jul 27, 2009
Bruno Silva
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GT Mustang – Overview of GT Mustangs

Introduced back in 1965, the GT Mustang remains one of the most admired and high performance vehicles on road even today. The GT-390 was one of the first cars of this legion to gain immense love and popularity among the public. It featured in the film “Bullitt”, which was released in 1968. It was one of the coolest GT Mustang cars and if you have not seen the movie yet then you ought to, go grab a copy of the DVD. Some of the best scenes of the movie have been shot in this car where the Steve McQueen is being chased by two cold blooded killers, in Dodge Charger, one of the pathetic cars. Another car worth the mention is BOSS 302, built in a quest to win over a competition in SCCA. The engine of the BOSS 302 was not only extremely powerful but it was also one of the smoothest cars on road. It is also one of the most desired models of the GT Mustang.

 GT Mustang   Overview of GT Mustangs

The reintroduced GT Mustang had a V8 4.9 liter engine, which was introduced along with the third generation Ford Mustang cars. The new GT Mustangs had a double barrel carburetor, new and efficient valves, an awesome cam and the engine was even tuned so that it could produce 157 horsepower with better intake and exhaust system. For domestic buyers, GT Mustang was one of the fastest cars on road with the later generation of GT Mustangs pumping up to 260 horsepower. The more modern and upgraded models of GT Mustang are able to generate 300 hp and even 350 hp with Shelby CS6 Package.

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