Sep 7, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Ferrari 599 GTB by NOVITEC ROSSO

The Ferrari 599 GTB has not only been made more stylishly but incredibly faster as well. The Novitec Rosso has been added 0.39 bars boost resulting in an 808horse power in engine output. The Ferrari 599 GTB by Novitec Rosso can reach speeds of 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds only. The vehicle has standard sports car elements like the rear splitter, skirts, and a front lip spoiler. In addition the people at Novitec Rosso guarantee increased efficiency and aerodynamics.

Among the notable features of the Novitec is the suspension system that rises by over 40mm in areas that have potholes. The engine treatment of the Rosso is available at very competitive rates but you will require your very own Ferrari. The Novitec attains a top speed of 340km/h due to the highly modern high-tech compressor. In addition the car has custom tailored alloy rims that give maximum performance.

The breaking system has been developed in conjunction with Brembo. Both rear and front discs measure 405milimeteres with six-piston calipers for braking. They also give the best solution for maximum endurance and braking out there. The Novitec sport suspension can be set to each person’s preference.

Drivers can press a button on the cockpit that raises the car by 40mm. This is in order for the driver to wade safely past parking ramps, obstacles and speed bumps without destroying the front apron. On attaining speeds of 80km/h the suspension resumes its original position. The car comes with a list of interior refinements such as aluminum foot pedals and carbon/leather steering wheel.

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