Jul 15, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Cryogenic Engine Treatments – Make Your Car Engine Stronger

It was a case of serendipity when cryogenic treatments were discovered which help in making a car engine stronger. The observation was that few pieces of metal is exposed to extremely cold temperatures of space and then suddenly to very high temperatures of re-entry point were stronger than the others.

Further it was observed that slow changes in the exposed temperatures to the metal piece were even more effective than the rapid changes in temperature and thus the cryogenic engine treatment procedure arrived on the scene.

The engine of a car is sprayed with liquid nitrogen, which drops its temperature to nearly zero for quite a long time; all this is done in a controlled environment. After this, the temperature of the engine is raised to 150°C and kept around it for more than 10 hours. The whole process is repeated several times over for better and effective results. An engine having undergone the cryogenic engine treatment becomes much harder, resistant and smooth in its finish so that the car tuner is at an advantage when going for modification.

bmw engine Cryogenic Engine Treatments   Make Your Car Engine Stronger

Remember the complete engine cannot undergo the whole process at once so it has to be dismantled and individual parts need to go under the cryogenic treatment. The metal resulting from this treatment has a much harder tensile strength and shear stress thus withstanding higher heat and force. Friction that results in power loss as well as internal stress for the engine is also highly reduced after the molecular level smoothing through cryogenic treatment.

Numerous companies offer complete cryogenic service for engine manufacturers. Since the costs of cryogenic treatment are high so it is rather a choice of the motor sport teams and otherwise serious professional car tuners.

Still it is slated that with time the costs of cryogenic treatments would come down so that it becomes an option for the existing car enthusiasts that cannot go for it now. Almost all the power-enhancing modifications come with a tradeoff but only cryogenic treatment seems to be the one with no tradeoff. A cryogenically treated engine gives a much better performance with a gain in power as much as 3% over the existing power.

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