Jul 28, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Classic Mustang – An Overview

Mustang is a name that exists since mid 60’s but the production line of the cars with a DC alternator came around in 1964 and one with AC alternator came around in 1965. The Mustangs that were produced between the time of 1964 and 1966 are truly classified as classic cars and are in a class of their own. They are favorite among car collectors, as most of them have the oldest Mustang design with either being convertibles or hardtops. They also had a power generation capacity of about 300 hp. The cars manufactured between 1964 to 1973 are considered to be the first generation cars of Mustang cars. Most of the car collectors dream of owning a first generation Mustang in their fleet. The Mustang car models were redesigned every 3-4 years and the most desired classic Mustang model for any car lover has to be Mustang Holy Grail.

Then there came the Mustang II, which is now one of the classics and it falls under the second generation of Mustangs. The Mustang survived the tough competition of the 70’s because of its more fuel-efficient engine than its competitors like Barracuda and Challenger that were withdrawn from the market. However, the generation of the Ford Mustang that had the longest market life was the third generation. Although the third generation Mustang does not look as much a classic car as the earlier generation of Mustangs but then the third generation has a lot of newness to its design and improvements. Still if you are looking for a classic car then you ought to have extra cash in your wallet.

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