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Jul 27, 2009
Bruno Silva
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What Makes Cool Cars Cool? Different Aspects of Cool Cars

Car companies all over the world are working day and night to bring new and cooler models of cars on the roads. The new designers they hire research and optimize the design and safety features to even better levels. One must be pondering that what is it about the cars that make them cool? Basically, there are four main aspects of a car that needs to be looked into for classifying them as cool or not. You can’t compare a car made in 1925 with a car made in 1999 on the cool quotient. Obviously, we all know that one of the coolest cars of the century was Mercedes Benz 500K that was manufactured in 1935, which was nothing but style and class. To sell, the cool cars need to look good and it is perhaps their USP. Another important aspect that makes a cool car is the type and quality of engine it has got. Cool car means enormous power with smooth handling on road.

Cool Fast Car What Makes Cool Cars Cool? Different Aspects of Cool Cars

Safety is third most important aspect of a cool car. A cool car ought to have a high safety rating else it would cost a lot in the form on insurance cost of the car. It also increases the risk of injury in an accident. Last but not least, all cool cars need to have something truly unique in them that no other car in the market has. It ought to have something that can make the people’s heads turn and say it is something most cool I have ever seen in a car.