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Aug 30, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Where to Find Mustang Parts?

Are you looking for Mustang parts for your body kit? Or maybe your old car is tattering a lot of late and you would like to find a few parts to fix it or maybe the interiors don’t appeal to you much now. The availability and cost of the Mustang part you are looking for depends on the model of your Mustang. The best way to look for the part you want is to first enquire at Ford, or call up a distributor of authentic Ford car parts to see the what deal you get. Only they can provide you the best quality and reliable parts as they come straight from the manufacturer itself.

Mustang Parts Where to Find Mustang Parts?

The parent company will always supply you with the parts for newer models or cars but it can be a problem when it comes to older cars. In this case you might want to look around for cheaper alternatives. You might look for people who make almost similar car parts within a lesser price. It is advisable to always go for a national brand in such cases giving preference to the brands you like. However, the fun part would be if you just don’t find the part you have been looking to buy

Jul 29, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Mustang Tuning – Get Your Mustang Tuned!

If you feel that your Mustang is not performing as good as before or is kind of sounding jammed then you ought to take your car to an expert mechanic to have it checked properly. However, even after that the car is slower and sluggish then your Mustang needs tuning. The tuning of a Mustang depends on its model, make, and the engine installed in the car. Since the Mustang is a real muscle car with being very easy to be customized and still reliable, so there are very few second thoughts when thinking about tuning your Mustang. The very first step when you are into tuning the engine of the Mustang is that you must let your Mustang have that extra kick in its engine. To give that extra kick you might consider installing turbochargers, better exhaust systems and cold air intake system as well. It is done to make your Mustang’s engine similar to a rocket’s engine.

saleen mustang 1 Mustang Tuning   Get Your Mustang Tuned!

Apart from tuning the engine of your Mustang, there is always the option of tuning the suspension system of the car. This all is done to make the springs a little more resilient, shock absorbers to become more tough and smooth and other parts of the suspension system of your Mustang is tuned to improve the ride quality of the car. If you have got a classic Mustang then it would be like a sin to get its body modified. All you need to do is choose the right parts for tuning and save your classic Mustang from looking an ugly piece of crap. Just take good care of your classic Mustang by getting installed a better exhaust system, fuel injection system and some extra muscle so that your Mustang hits the roads nicely.

Jul 28, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Classic Mustang – An Overview

Mustang is a name that exists since mid 60’s but the production line of the cars with a DC alternator came around in 1964 and one with AC alternator came around in 1965. The Mustangs that were produced between the time of 1964 and 1966 are truly classified as classic cars and are in a class of their own. They are favorite among car collectors, as most of them have the oldest Mustang design with either being convertibles or hardtops. They also had a power generation capacity of about 300 hp. The cars manufactured between 1964 to 1973 are considered to be the first generation cars of Mustang cars. Most of the car collectors dream of owning a first generation Mustang in their fleet. The Mustang car models were redesigned every 3-4 years and the most desired classic Mustang model for any car lover has to be Mustang Holy Grail.

Then there came the Mustang II, which is now one of the classics and it falls under the second generation of Mustangs. The Mustang survived the tough competition of the 70’s because of its more fuel-efficient engine than its competitors like Barracuda and Challenger that were withdrawn from the market. However, the generation of the Ford Mustang that had the longest market life was the third generation. Although the third generation Mustang does not look as much a classic car as the earlier generation of Mustangs but then the third generation has a lot of newness to its design and improvements. Still if you are looking for a classic car then you ought to have extra cash in your wallet.

Jul 27, 2009
Bruno Silva
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GT Mustang – Overview of GT Mustangs

Introduced back in 1965, the GT Mustang remains one of the most admired and high performance vehicles on road even today. The GT-390 was one of the first cars of this legion to gain immense love and popularity among the public. It featured in the film “Bullitt”, which was released in 1968. It was one of the coolest GT Mustang cars and if you have not seen the movie yet then you ought to, go grab a copy of the DVD. Some of the best scenes of the movie have been shot in this car where the Steve McQueen is being chased by two cold blooded killers, in Dodge Charger, one of the pathetic cars. Another car worth the mention is BOSS 302, built in a quest to win over a competition in SCCA. The engine of the BOSS 302 was not only extremely powerful but it was also one of the smoothest cars on road. It is also one of the most desired models of the GT Mustang.

 GT Mustang   Overview of GT Mustangs

The reintroduced GT Mustang had a V8 4.9 liter engine, which was introduced along with the third generation Ford Mustang cars. The new GT Mustangs had a double barrel carburetor, new and efficient valves, an awesome cam and the engine was even tuned so that it could produce 157 horsepower with better intake and exhaust system. For domestic buyers, GT Mustang was one of the fastest cars on road with the later generation of GT Mustangs pumping up to 260 horsepower. The more modern and upgraded models of GT Mustang are able to generate 300 hp and even 350 hp with Shelby CS6 Package.