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Jul 16, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Lamborghini Kit Cars – Feel the Pleasure of Lamborghini Car

Don’t confuse a Lamborghini Kit Car for an original Lamborghini car; it is the replica of the famous brand of cars put together by the car enthusiasts around the world by modification of existing other cars. It is an addition to the fleet of cars of someone who is not in a financial position to buy the premium Lamborghini Car. Lamborghini Kit cars are available in various shapes so you need to be very careful while purchasing one, as it has to be not only compatible with your existing car but also look good. You need to make sure that your existing vehicle is sound enough to carry on the Lamborghini Kit.

lambo scaramuzzino tx BIG 1024x692 Lamborghini Kit Cars   Feel the Pleasure of Lamborghini Car

When you are out in the market buying a kit for your Lamborghini Kit car, make sure to buy each and every part of the Lamborghini parts. Don’t leave any part or tool of the Lamborghini kit until you are an expert in the automobile engineering and have access to all these rare custom parts. It is rather advised to ask for a demonstration while buying the kit and try to inspect it thoroughly so that later you don’t feel your money has been wasted. A quality Lamborghini car kit would your modified car look exactly like original Lamborghini, making a lot of heads turn around.

Three basic tips will keep you in good stead:

  1. Trust your skill of following instructions and of assembling.
  2. Going for the cheapest Lamborghini Kit Cars Kit will be a waste of money in the long run as they are always lacking in something so try to know your kit first hand.
  3. Have a cool mind while you are building your Lamborghini Kit Car so that you enjoy assembling it and drive it around very safely.
Jul 16, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Lamborghini Gallardo – Gallardo Spyder, SE, NERA, Superleggera

Lamborghini Gallardo is a combination of two words; Lamborghini stands for a powerful breed of bulls and Gallardo stands for gallant in Spanish. Gallardo is the entry-level car of the Lamborghini into the car market. With a super performing V10 engine installed in the variants of Gallardo, the black color of this Lamborghini offering is most popular among the car lovers. With all the four variants coming equipped with unique features and looks Lamborghini Gallardo is not something to be missed out. With the exception of Gallardo Spyder, all other variants have both manual and automatic transmission.

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

With a six speed manual transmission, this Gallardo variant was mastered and presented to the market in 2006 with a completely retractable roof.

2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder W SA TD 1280x960 1024x768 Lamborghini Gallardo   Gallardo Spyder, SE, NERA, Superleggera

Lamborghini Gallardo SE

Issues like transmission lag timing and improper steering along with some other minor issues associated with the initial variants of Gallardo were addressed by the launch of the Special Edition of the Gallardo in the year 2005. With a attractive black roof, the SE comes equipped with a rear camera system that helps while parking. It has a system of dropping the clutch automatically so that the four wheels are engaged in a rather controlled burnout.

lamborghini gallardo se 103 Lamborghini Gallardo   Gallardo Spyder, SE, NERA, Superleggera

Lamborghini Gallardo Nera

Only 185 units of the Nera Lamborghini will be sold which is a limited edition car.

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

With a maximum horsepower of 523 bhp, Lamborghini Superleggera comes as a special edition of the Gallardo brand. Not only it is extremely fast and light but it also comes equipped with a whole lot of engine modifications.

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera 1024x768 Lamborghini Gallardo   Gallardo Spyder, SE, NERA, Superleggera

Any Lamborghini Gallardo can move with a top speed of 192 miles per hour and takes just 4.2 seconds to accelerate up to 62 miles per hour. And a speed of 124 miles per hours is achieved within 14.5 seconds. A power output of 500-510 horsepower is the typical feature of its V10 engine.

Jul 15, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Hot Cars – Look, Power, and Speed Give Your Car a HOT Appearance

What attributes do make a car seem hot to others? Looks, power and speed are the three superlatives that can classify a car into Hot category. Even if they lack one of these and they miss the hot tag. You need to be very cautious while you are looking to buy one of the hot cars, as it is very common that people get a bad deal. A hot car with these three attributes comes at a higher price. So you need to take a deep insight into the car’s history. Take a look into its repair and service history. Low mileage, reliability, proper tuning and extra care are some of the identifications of a hot car. Buyers who are not in condition to take ample care of the hot car should refrain from buying one or should sell their existing one to a person who is more qualified to own that car. Hot car means that you are buying a high performance machine.

Hot car wallpaper 2973 1024x768 Hot Cars   Look, Power, and Speed Give Your Car a HOT Appearance

Most of the hot cars have very similar looks so you ought to find something that has a new and fresh feeling. Red is like one of the most preferred colors for hot cars but you can differentiate your car by going for either blue, green, yellow or gray colors. Still the color should not only complement rather enhance the look of your car otherwise it can seem so dull. Striking a powerful deal is very essential while buying a hot car but it is more essential to have a reliable car on first hand. It could later be turned into a hot car with proper modifications and up gradations. Just try to think out of the box once and who knows you may land up with the ultimate lean mean power machine.

Jul 15, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Chrome Car Accessories – Give Your Car a Shinny Look

Both men and women like shiny things so it is not a hard fact to understand that chrome car accessories are the most popular of all the car accessories available in the market. The chrome car accessories are available for almost every part of the car from bumpers, hubcaps; light holder to chrome linings, fenders, windshield wiper to even the car body can all have chrome accessories. Many chrome accessories have the essence to complement the looks of a rather drab car while the others can make it seem more like Nuts on wheels show.

Chrome Accesories 300x219 Chrome Car Accessories   Give Your Car a Shinny Look

The best way to know how would your car look with that chrome accessory installed, you need to visualize the look. Chrome is an expensive accessory so visualize it completely both in sunny and cloudy weathers. You have to be wise enough while choosing a chrome accessory so replacing the plastic bumper of your 1999 model would be a good choice but a rather expensive one too.

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Jul 15, 2009
Bruno Silva

What is Summit Racing?

When you hear the word summit racing, immediately you are reminded of one of the two things. First is a famous motor sport in which the racers need to race to the top of a hill. It is mostly a rocky mountain with lots of turns and steep curves. The car that has higher power and performance than others reaches the summit before. It is not an unsanctioned race otherwise it can be life threatening for the drivers. Another one is a Jeep racing event in which a modified jeep is used to climb to the top of the mountain. The mountain is rocky, so the movement is very slow but the car with better torque and grip wins by reaching the summit first.

Summit Racing Series Logo 300x140 What is Summit Racing?

The store selling very high performance car parts and other accessories used in summit racing cars is known by the name of Summit racing Equipment. Opened in 1968, they arguably have gone on to become one of the world’s most authentic and economic vendors of high quality car modification parts. They store millions of equipments that can be shipped or mailed to the buyers in a matter of days. They sell what other good stores like NAPA and Advance do not sell. Thus, they have all the equipments you require to make your vehicle high performance machine. They have three stores or warehouses across USA, one in Ohio, second in Nevada and last in Georgia. Their service is highly vigilant and they answer your queries promptly. Their stores are always updating with new parts and services. So if you are looking to modify your car then go ahead to buy your kits and car parts from a trusted vendor like Summit Racing Equipments.