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Sep 13, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Improving Efficiency of your Car

If you are a car tuning lover, and you do not have enough money to modify your car, you should know that there are several options available that will be ideal for your small budget. Many companies would make you believe that in order to modify your car, you need a big budget but the truth of the matter is if you choose wisely, you can still upgrade your vehicle and add much performance without necessarily having a big budget. Listed below are some of the tips in upgrading your car.

High performance brakes

It is not only affordable to add high performance brakes; it is also very easy and cost effective. You can add lightweight brakes and rotors or high performance brakes even if you have a small budget.

Car Brakes Improving Efficiency of your Car

A new muffler

This is one way of adding performance and a few horsepower even with a limited budget. By adding dual exhaust is not only good but also remove exhaust quickly and more efficiently thereby raising the performance.

Computer chips

These kinds of modifications are simple, affordable and quick. You do not need to have a huge budget to add computer chips onto your car. Here, vehicles are pre-programmed for peppy performance and fuel efficiency but if you install a computer chip onto your car, it is a way of boosting the car that you have been longing for.

Therefore adding performance to your car is not something very expensive, as most people would want you to believe. You need only to prioritize your options.

Sep 13, 2009
Bruno Silva
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How to Reduce Gas Consumption Rate

With increased operating costs and especially fuel costs it’s very essential to implement ways of minimizing the amount of gas consumed daily. It is very advisable to follow the operator’s manual for your machine to efficiently serve a wide range of purposes and follow maintenance schedules. To reduce high gas consumption you should learn to drive efficiently. This is because very aggressive driving and acceleration has been known to waste a lot of gas. By observing this, it’s possible to lower your mileage by approximately thirty three percent if driving in a highway. Efficient driving is not only safer for you but for other road users as well.

Observation of speed limits in all types of cars is very important since this impacts the gas mileage to rapidly reduce. This commonly happens when driving above 60 mph so the optimal fuel economy should be maintained at average to reduce excess gas utilization. Having very heavy weights in your car highly reduces your MPG up to approximately two percent. This however depends on your car’s weight relative to the weight of the item you are carrying.

Gas Consumption How to Reduce Gas Consumption Rate

Idling is very risky if trying to reduce gas use especially for vehicles with large engines which are known to waste a lot of gas compared to those with small engines. Employing the cruise control when driving at highways greatly assists in maintaining constant speed hence saving gas. It’s also advisable to employ overdrive gears which are known to put the engine down, thus reducing its wear and limiting gas utilization.

Sep 7, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Car Heater Maintenance – Fix Your Car Heater

It is advisable that you maintain the condition of your car heater from the time you purchase it so that it can serve you for long. Especially with winter being a busy period for those who own cars, several changes need to be done here and there. It is appropriate that you have your car heater in good working condition before you decide to have a ride. Here are some instructions to help you in the maintenance of your car heater.

One way of detecting improper working condition of your car heater is by the presence of ice or frost which builds inside you car once you start it. Hence it is about time that you got your car heater kicking in. You don’t need a mechanic to check your car heater because you can do it all by yourself.

To start with you need to get your car to a heated car garage. Drive your car for some time to warm up the engine and heater. Know the heat output by conditioning the blower at both higher and medium rates; and the heater on a high rate only. Monitor heat output through the insertion of thermometers in the passenger and driver side vents. A temperature of between 115 and 120 degrees is acceptable. A successful check up is that which meets the recommended range. Otherwise, you should keep on reading.

Car Heater Car Heater Maintenance   Fix Your Car Heater

With a manual and a manufacturer’s website, it is possible for you to seek a solution to your problem and optimize the heat. In case these guides don’t seem helpful, you should pop the hood.

Jul 29, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Everybody Wants to Have Fast Cars

Almost every driver is looking for a fast car that can achieve superman speeds and can zoom on road. However, it is not a legal option to drive very fast on roads as it is against law as well as highly dangerous for people traveling on road. Men have always been fascinated by speed and the racing culture dates back to 1920’s when the first fast cars were available. In 1930s came the cars that could touch speeds of 100 miles an hour. Fast cars are an integral part of our automotive history.Fast Car 300x225 Everybody Wants to Have Fast Cars

It is not a guarantee that having bought a fast car, you have bought a good car. Many fast cars are poor in design and safety features. A fast car has to use good quality fuel and top of the line auto parts. Nobody wants their fast car engine to blow on when out for a smooth ride. So it is necessary to do some regular checks on your fast car before you take it out for a ride. Check tire pressure, so that your tires don’t become flat while driving. Check your cars oil tank to so that it does not get dry in the middle of the highway. Fast cars should have a fast break so check your break oil. Do some other essential engine checks from time to time.

Jul 24, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Auto Tuning in Pieces – Major Areas of Auto Tuning

In developed countries like United States, people do like to be called auto-tuning experts and it is one of the most common hobbies to experiment with your car. There are thousands of people who like to call themselves auto-tuning experts. With different types of auto tuning pieces involved in the tuning process, there are many facets to the complete process. Some of the major focus areas of auto tuning are:

Engine Tuning

The parts involved in tuning of the engine are expected to improve the performance of the engine with higher attainable speeds and smooth transmission. When tuning the engine the major changes are done, include adjustment in the air/fuel ratios, installation of better fuel injectors and intake valves with lower restriction values. Another major boost given to engine includes installation of Nitrous Oxide so as to enrich the fuel mixture which when burnt will generate more energy and hence more power.

Engine Tuning Auto Tuning in Pieces   Major Areas of Auto Tuning

Suspension Tuning

The suspension tuning is done to improve the ride of the car on road. Basically, modifications in the shock-absorbers and springs suspension system of the car are the major changes. Some enthusiasts go for modification in strut bars and sway bars too.

Body Tuning

As the word makes it clear, body tuning involves modification in the car’s body. It is done to make the car’s appearance more appealing by adding spoilers and other accessories. Some of the tuning experts prefer removing existing body parts like handles, bumps and some other protruding parts to give the aerodynamic ratings of the car a boost.

Modifications (the body and the inside)

Auto tuning not only includes the interior modifications and the playing with the engine but it also spans across modifying the exterior look of the car. It includes using stickers, paints, neon lights, new wheels and tires as well as attractive and fancy headlights on the outside of the car. Spinners is one of the most widely used auto tuning parts for the exterior modification and is almost found in every car tuning expert’s workshop. Some of the accessories used in the interior modification of the car include radio systems, classy speaker systems, leather seats, steering wheel modification by using a more attractive one in place of the stock steering wheel and dashboard modification. LCD screens with DVD players too have become quite a common choice. Auto tuning is a fun process to go through but only thing imperative is that you ought to have or choose the right parts.