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Sep 13, 2009
Bruno Silva
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When Water Damages Your Interior

Water damage to your interior creates a lot of trouble for car owners. This is because when water gets into the interior of your car, several problems come up. There’s the upholstery on which molds grow as the interior continues to deteriorate. However water damage can be controlled.

Check your car for water damage especially after a huge downpour. This is because realizing the slightest leak while still in the early stages will prevent further damage on your vehicle. Have a usual check around all seals, that is, the moon roof or the sun roof, the trunk and by the door seals as they are main spots for water damage.

The easiest way to fix this problem is by making sure the door is closed throughout and that a seal of debris is cleaned out.

Car Wter Damage When Water Damages Your Interior

In case of water damage where you have a puddle of water on the upholstery or on your vehicle’s floor, remove as much water as possible. The most ideal way is through a vacuum cleaner as it has the ability to suck out almost all of the moisture.

Afterwards, shampoo the upholstery so as to remove most of the mold spores which due to the rain, may be in the cloth upholstery. If the presence of molds persists, your car can have a funky smell and certain health issues can be exacerbated. In cases where complete damage has occurred, an expert is required so professional cleaning is called for; or there would be a total makeover of the upholstery and electronics.