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Jul 29, 2009
Bruno Silva

Car Wash Babes – Legal Adult Entertainment

People have become extremely lazy, so much so that they are not even bothered about cleaning their own cars. They look to pay for getting a car wash and while waiting for their car to be washed and look fresher, they want some entertainment during the waiting time. Car wash babes have become an extremely sought after personnel these days as they provide a mode of adult entertainment, allowed by authorities, with their perfect bodies.

Most civilians realize that they cannot avoid an x-rated adult show while their car is being washed. In states where there is scarcity of water, getting cars washed by exotic car wash babes is being a preferred choice. It is a common belief that some strip club owners floated the whole concept of car wash babes. Their point is that it better to look at raunchy divas rather than sip a coffee with the local newspaper while your car is being washed.

There are many who don’t support the whole concept of women clad in insufficient clothes washing the cars and rubbing it in a provocative manner. Many honest residents have registered their strict objections over opening of the car wash centers with car babes. Car wash is an extremely booming business in areas that have low water supplies as people there are not allowed to wash their cars. Although officially there is no wrong in car wash babes in being the business but they have not allowed the car wash babes to do washing in public. They do their business using recycled water.

Jul 27, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Cheerleader Car Wash – How to Tip a Cheerleader?

I am not much sure about how you feel when you see a fundraiser for cheerleader car wash girl but ask about me and I am always highly excited about the whole thing. All the car wash girls look great always and at all moments. When it comes to taking care of my car and giving it a service, as important as a wash then I just have faith in the abilities of Car wash girls.

Well the $5 to $10 charged by most Cheerleader car wash services is well worth the price because of the sexy and skimpy girls washing your car in highly entertaining way keeps you busy while the car is being washed. Most car owner guys end up spending extra dollars on their car wash just because someone so sexy and irresistible passed a cute little smile at them. All you need to do is keep it tight when your car is being washed or else the entertainment will disappear in a second.

Cheerleader Car Wash 2 Cheerleader Car Wash   How to Tip a Cheerleader?

If you are living in a town with some college or in a town with a small local high school then it won’t be very hard for you to find a cheerleader car wash during the summer. Mostly these car wash girls depend on the charity of the people getting their cars washed so that they are able to save some money for bigger and special events in their college or school. So if you ever come across a cheerleader car wash event then just go support it in full zeal.

It is important to know how to tip a cheerleader car wash girl, as most girls would freak if you offer them a tip of something as good as $5-$10. Most cheerleader car wash girls are ready to work hard extra to earn a tip of $1 or $2, so if you offer them more than that you ought to get some special treatment from them.

If you are looking to get the best for your car from a cheerleader car wash experience then let the girls take over your car. Let them clean and scrub your car properly and thoroughly. Once they have done so offer them the usual tip of $1-$2 and then go ahead asking them if they could give your car some extra buffing for which you are willing to pay extra dollars. Do keep a good eye on them so that they buff the hood of car nicely so that you don’t need to keep checking in your rear view mirror. When the cheerleader car wash girls have completed the job nicely, it is time for you to pay them nicely for a job that they have done with sheer hard work. Give them a great tip, to provide some icing on the cake.

Jul 25, 2009
Bruno Silva

Car Babes – Your Car and Car Hot Babes

Pictures of a hot babe standing right next to a car are something that you cannot look over. With concepts like nude car wash coming in existence, it has raised a critical issue of debate among the masses. It is becoming popular among the younger American generation and authorities say it is illegitimate.

“Adult Car Wash” is the very first thing that you will notice when a hot babe in bikini will roll over in front of you. Obviously it is something new and alluring for the people who would rather have a cup of coffee while waiting for their car to get washed. Though there will always be people who would not like the idea at all but then there always will exist a market for this very concept.

car babe Car Babes   Your Car and Car Hot Babes

Car wash is becoming a very huge business in drier areas and the hot car wash babes seem to be cog in the whole business wheel that lead to more sales, even if the cars of the people are spotless. This is something more of a fact even though there are all types of speculations related to car babes.

If you think that your fantasy cannot be a reality then think twice. Next time you get a car wash then it is very sure that you will use the entertainment the car wash babes can provide.

Jul 14, 2009
Bruno Silva

Mustang Hot Babes – About Mustang Babes

Mustang and Babes are almost synonyms. It is a common thing to see hot babes sitting in Mustang. But to attract one PamAm babe you need to keep your mustang hip, especially the interiors. It is certain that some great looking and ready to roll on babe would wink at you seductively to get a ride of your mustang.

The first thing important to attract a babe into your mustang is its regular and proper cleaning. It should look sparkling and shiny from outside. Another thing required to pursue babes would be to keep your engine fine-tuned with that smoking sound. Get your car updated regularly with new and hot aftermarket instruments and gadgets.

But if you have bought such an expensive and fine performing car on the market just for the reason to get popular among babes, then it is a shame on you. It is one of the most well performing cars on the road with the models rolled out between 1965 and 1970 being the best in my opinion. Good looks rather a hip Mustang would get you among the babes.

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