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Aug 20, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Hartge BMW 116d – New BMW 116d Performance Package

The German car tuning firm Hartge has released a new package which is a performance package for the already fuel efficient BMW 116d. The factory settings of the BMW 116d is an astonishing 64.2mpg and its carbon dioxide emissions are around 118 per kilometer, which is again amazing. The car-tuning firm has its own plans for BMW 116d that includes increasing the performance numbers up to 315 Nm torque and 143 hp by upgrading ECU. To some these figures might not seem impressive but still they are much better than the numbers of the stock model. The Hartge has lowered the BMW 116d by 25 mm by installing a new suspension kit.

The new BMW 116d costs about 17,605 Euros with all taxes and license fee included, when bought from the BMW factory but the prices of the Hartge modified BMW has not yet been disclosed. These are the prices for 3-door model; the price of 5-door model is around 18,135 Euros.

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