Jul 29, 2009
Bruno Silva

Car Wash Babes – Legal Adult Entertainment

People have become extremely lazy, so much so that they are not even bothered about cleaning their own cars. They look to pay for getting a car wash and while waiting for their car to be washed and look fresher, they want some entertainment during the waiting time. Car wash babes have become an extremely sought after personnel these days as they provide a mode of adult entertainment, allowed by authorities, with their perfect bodies.

Most civilians realize that they cannot avoid an x-rated adult show while their car is being washed. In states where there is scarcity of water, getting cars washed by exotic car wash babes is being a preferred choice. It is a common belief that some strip club owners floated the whole concept of car wash babes. Their point is that it better to look at raunchy divas rather than sip a coffee with the local newspaper while your car is being washed.

There are many who don’t support the whole concept of women clad in insufficient clothes washing the cars and rubbing it in a provocative manner. Many honest residents have registered their strict objections over opening of the car wash centers with car babes. Car wash is an extremely booming business in areas that have low water supplies as people there are not allowed to wash their cars. Although officially there is no wrong in car wash babes in being the business but they have not allowed the car wash babes to do washing in public. They do their business using recycled water.

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  • lol. I always love this FREE show :D