Sep 7, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Car Heater Maintenance – Fix Your Car Heater

It is advisable that you maintain the condition of your car heater from the time you purchase it so that it can serve you for long. Especially with winter being a busy period for those who own cars, several changes need to be done here and there. It is appropriate that you have your car heater in good working condition before you decide to have a ride. Here are some instructions to help you in the maintenance of your car heater.

One way of detecting improper working condition of your car heater is by the presence of ice or frost which builds inside you car once you start it. Hence it is about time that you got your car heater kicking in. You don’t need a mechanic to check your car heater because you can do it all by yourself.

To start with you need to get your car to a heated car garage. Drive your car for some time to warm up the engine and heater. Know the heat output by conditioning the blower at both higher and medium rates; and the heater on a high rate only. Monitor heat output through the insertion of thermometers in the passenger and driver side vents. A temperature of between 115 and 120 degrees is acceptable. A successful check up is that which meets the recommended range. Otherwise, you should keep on reading.

Car Heater Car Heater Maintenance   Fix Your Car Heater

With a manual and a manufacturer’s website, it is possible for you to seek a solution to your problem and optimize the heat. In case these guides don’t seem helpful, you should pop the hood.

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