Jul 15, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Car Door Conversion – Unique & Stylish Car Doors

One of the great methods to modify your cars is to go for door conversions. It is done to make the doors of your car look unique, different and obviously stylish. Although, some door conversions really look horrible and sometimes it really becomes difficult to avoid such situations. Many popular kits in the market will be instrumental for you to modify the doors of your cars. Two most famous door conversion kits among the car owners are Lambo Door Conversion, which stands for Lamborghini. Other is Suicide Door Conversion Kit where the hinges of the doors are placed on the opposite sides of that of a normal car hence the name Suicide. One of my personal favorites is the Gull Wing Door that modifies your car’s door in a way that they open as DeLorean. Many door conversion kits have lost their appeal and buyers because they are very complicated to assemble and arrange. Many cars just cannot handle the door conversion kits of this style.

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When you have decided to get a door conversion kit to modify your car’s doors then one thing you have to be sure about is what you are looking for and what you are going to do with your car. As door conversions come under technical modifications of a car so you must be aware of the anatomy of your car’s doors as well as about the door conversion kit you are buying. Even if you are not aware about one thing then it is advised to not go ahead with conversion and rather get acquainted with the process first. This is a serious advice, as it will save you from door abomination instead of door conversion. The first thing you need is to check the quality of the kit you are about to buy, try to read some instructions that the manual provides for installing the kit in a car. Trust is also an important virtue when shopping for anything as important as door conversion kit, so your manufacturer must be a trustworthy company. You never know when you might need to return due to incompatibility issues. You also need to look into the issue such as how will the door function and how it would look once the conversion is complete. These days the sellers show it on a computer screen but it is still best to go for a demonstration. You would not like to have a single door conversion failure in your car like grinding sound of the paint or the metal of the car’s door. This will only inflate the cost of door conversion.

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