Jul 14, 2009
Bruno Silva
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Car Balloon – How to Make a Balloon Car – Making Car Balloons

Earlier you could see car balloons only in the cars of the newlyweds but these you don’t need a ceremony as grand as a marriage to come across a car balloon. These are considered as one of the most fun filled add-ons for any car. Although they cannot be misused but still some juvenile delinquents think of it as some fun item and try their hands on it.

It is very simple to make a car balloon. Just to start if you are looking to prank someone or do some mischief then there are a lot of options available in the balloon market that can make your car balloon. Car balloons shaped as missiles are among the most popular ones. Once you found the car balloon that you were looking for then it is very easy for you to set up. Fill helium gas in the balloon completely so that it stands high in the air when it is attached with a tight string to the car. This is all you really need to do make some car balloon and your car is ready to turn some heads around.

Making Balloons Car Car Balloon   How to Make a Balloon Car   Making Car Balloons

The car balloons that come in the shape of missiles are highly popular as it seems as if some missiles are following your car. If the people around are not able to catch the strings attached to the balloons then they might easily fall for the trick cooked up by car balloons. Some people had also come with the idea of a UFO shaped car balloon, which could really be a big innovation. You can only imagine the stunned look on the faces of the people around on the road watching a mysterious flying object following you car very closely. This all depends only on your choice of car balloons.

Like everything, car balloons too have their negatives. They can be a potential cause for some major accident as they are a source of distraction for other drivers on the road. In such a case, police will never be soft on your prank. Then there is another risk of strings of the car balloons being broken, which will set them free and float them in air. No one really has an idea where the balloon might land or come down.

On evaluating the risks and the fun associated with the car balloons, young blokes seem to be going with the second option. The fashion of having a car balloon is slowly becoming popular and they are seen in more than just in wedding farewells. Youngsters not only have got a trick to test the law but also have some fun.

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