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Jul 2, 2009
Bruno Silva
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What is Spring Rate? Adjust Your Car Spring Rate

The amount of force required to compress a spring is known as the spring rate. The measurement unit of this force is either kilograms per centimeter or pounds per inch.

For instance, a spring has a linear spring rate of 300 pounds per inch then it means that for every inch that spring is compressed it would take 300 pounds of pressure to do so. The progressive non-linear spring rate is a different thing as in this the amount of pressure exerted increases exponentially every time. Take for example where to compress a spring by an inch every time, the amount of force exerted are 300 pounds, 650 pounds and 1050 pounds respectively. Thus, is shows that in case of the liner spring rate the total force required to compress the spring by 3 inches would be just 900 pounds, which is a linear progression.

coil spring What is Spring Rate? Adjust Your Car Spring Rate

A suspension is a system of shock absorbers, strings and other linking parts that connect the wheel of the vehicle with its body. A suspension system performs two functions as in by serving to the smooth and safe driving pleasure with improved handling and braking system. It also cuts out the noise and the vibrations generated due to uneven roads thus making the passengers comfortable.

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